Assignment Design for EOSC 516

TA Teaching Philosophies

Summer 2010 – For EOSC 516: Teaching and Learning in Earth and Ocean Sciences

As part of my administrative TAship for EOSC 516 during the summer of 2010, one of my projects was to change the assignment structure of the course. Whereas we previously had one large Lab Redesign assignment due at the very end of the semester, I suggested having three smaller assignments due throughout the term, so as to promote reflection (as opposed to night-before-due-date pedagogical thinking, which we had observed in the two years previous). To implement the changes, I was in charge of cutting down the Lab Redesign assignment and create what would become the final assignment of the course: a short Teaching Philosophy. As our course is pass/fail and this assignment was not to be graded (but provided with feedback by the Instructor) I was able to create an assignment that encouraged quite a bit of freedom in its implementation. In retrospect, allowing the students to take charge of designing their teaching philosophy was successful. Though some relied more on the provided guiding questions than others, all students handed in something rich with reflection on their teaching ideals.

To see the Teaching Philosophy Assignment, please click here.