Welcome to my ePortfolio! This webspace has been designed to document my experience and development as an educational developer, instructor, facilitator, and trainer. It includes a statement of my philosophy, examples of teaching and facilitating work, and features a series of artifacts and reflections, which includes work samples and my thoughts as I delve deeper into educational development. To learn more about me, check out the About Rebecca page. For a more comprehensive view of my academic, work, and extracurricular experience, please consult my Curriculum Vitae.

About Rebecca Philosophy Teaching and Facilitating Development and Growth Curriculum Vitae. .


I intend for this portfolio to be a living record of my career growth. These pages highlight my engagement with teaching and learning, and serve as a tool to facilitate reflection on my professional experiences. As I develop, gain new skills, find new passions, and ultimately, develop, so too will this ePortfolio! A great example of this are the buttons above, a new addition as per my eLearning development focus over the past few years.

Please use these buttons or the tabs above the header to navigate this ePortfolio.