Artifact: Learning Management System Training Module

KIRO Course Site Management module screenshot

A development resource project that has been on my priority wishlist for some time now has been to create an asynchronous, on-demand Learning Management System (LMS) training module that can be accessed by faculty and staff at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) 24/7. Recently, I finally had the opportunity to focus on this wishlist item, which resulted in the creation of this Articulate Storyline-designed module (click the image above to see it!) that is now available to faculty and staff on CMCC’s LMS, “KIRO”. I had a number of objectives when setting out to create this training module:

User Experience

  • It needs to be as easy-to-use as possible
  • The content of the module needs to be accessible in as few clicks as possible, or faculty and staff are much less likely to use it
  • It must be quick and easy to jump from one content area to another


  • It must answer commonly-asked questions
  • It must be divided up logically
  • It must be relevant to regulated faculty use of the LMS (Note: at CMCC, we have requirements for LMS course site)

The resulting product meets each of these objectives. In organizing the content, I opted to frame the module’s outcomes congruent with my institution’s LMS Guidelines – a document sent out to faculty in advance of every new academic year to ensure their course sites meet certain criteria – and focused what could be a massive amount of how-to ideas down to how to technically implement those specific LMS requirements. To create an efficient user experience, I designed the module so that the training content is immediately accessible upon starting the module and the rationale-framed introduction to the module is not made a precursor to the content, but offered as optional viewing. Additionally, the training content is organized sensibly by LMS tool, and switching between tool-related content can be done with few clicks.

Recording the screencasts for the module took more time than expected, as the endeavour to achieve perfect voiceover recording, thoughtful/minimal mouse activity, and logical step-wise technical flow all at the same time was challenging. Given the timeline I had to complete this project, and given that updates are regularly made to our LMS which may cause frequent revisions, I quickly determined that my goal for voiceover recording was to achieve 90% in the way of “perfection”.

Overall, I’m very proud of my first asynchronous, on-demand Learning Management System training module. I enjoyed applying my Articulate Storyline skills and I’ve already identified new wishlist topics for supplementary KIRO training modules, including one that addresses the top 10-20 questions I am asked as the LMS support person at CMCC.


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