Artifact and Reflection: Teaching Evaluations from EOSC 516, 2010

I recently received the results from the formal teaching evaluations that were conducted at the end of the 2010 term of EOSC 516. Despite good reviews from the previous year, I strive to be the best and have a tendency to anticipate the worst….

Similar to 2009, four students enrolled in EOSC 516 filled out formal teaching evaluations, evaluating my role as a TA. The evaluation consisted of five statements to be ranked from 1 to 5, 1 representing Strongly Disagree and 5 representing Strongly Agree.

The Teaching Assistant was:

  • Well prepared
  • Helpful
  • Considerate of students
  • Easily understood
  • An effective instructor

For each of the five statements, all four students Strongly Agreed. In addition, I received three comments which addressed both myself and my fellow TA: “They were GREAT!”, “They were both very helpful and enthusiastic. Good TAs. :) ”, and “You guys are freaking amazing facilitators, I’m really impressed with everything you did this term. You made this class an absolutely amazing experience!”

Once again, I am very pleased with the results of these evaluations. Similar to last year, I tend to worry about moments where I was less than eloquent or worried that I missed a comment when recording a group of students’ feedback. I am happy to see that these moments did not interfere with my students’ learning.

Recently, I attended a professional development workshop on Teaching Portfolios. During this session, the participants were encouraged to create our own feedback forms if no formal evaluations were available. Though I have been formally evaluated these past two years, I plan to add questions to the forms in the future. I wish to ask for feedback on ways to improve, so that I may obtain constructive feedback that will facilitate my growth as a teacher.


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