Reflection on Career Development: Advancement at CMCC

I have had the pleasure of working at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) since the spring of 2013, and just last month I had the honour of signing on to a new job description and title. Formerly the Coordinator, Curriculum & Faculty Development, I am now the Coordinator, Technology-Enabled Learning. This change reflects a great deal of growth in the position I’ve held for the past year and a half, as well as the true focus of my skill development and work activity at CMCC.

After starting at CMCC in May 2013, I became very quickly proficient at utilizing our institution’s Learning Management System (LMS). This was necessitated by my just-in-time support duties, but since developing that proficiency I have taken this expertise further by applying my learnings to identify gaps (ex. lack of engagement and interest of a certain academic year with the LMS compared to other years) or management issues (ex. unique needs for feedback tracking and communication that were previously met by management outside of the LMS) that have been or will soon be addressed. Additionally, I developed skills in utilizing Articulate Storyline eLearning authoring software, which allowed me to create eLearning Modules that are currently published within CMCC’s LMS on a variety of course sites.

In addition to technical skills development, I have taken on a leadership role in implementing some new initiatives at the institution that were previously on Curriculum & Faculty Development’s (CFD’s) wishlist. First, I developed proficiency in an Evaluation System tool available in our Learning Management System (Sakai) and implemented this system for all course evaluations during the 2013-2014 academic year. This included a great deal of self-directed learning, troubleshooting, and optimizing of the technology to meet the needs of the institution and its courses as it relates to course and faculty evaluation. After successfully implementing this new technology for a full academic year, I am now collaborating with the CMCC clinic team to implement surveys unique to the senior year of the undergraduate program (beyond typical end-of-year course evaluation) with this Sakai Evaluation System tool. Second, I led the planning of the first ever CMCC Teaching & Learning Conference, which occurred on June 24, 2014. These initiatives reflect my drive to foster growth personally and professionally, for my colleagues, for my department, and for my workplace.

Now that official changes have been made to my job description and title, my duties align better with the initiatives I have undertaken during my employment thus far (ex. as described above). One of the most significant changes to my job description is the removal of all administrative duties; now, my focus is primarily eLearning development and technology implementation. Looking forward, I am very much excited by this next chapter of my career at CMCC. Having more time for higher-level development work is a privilege, and I look forward to exploring new avenues and opportunities for growth as well as effective implementation of educational technologies at CMCC.


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