Other TA Positions

From 2008-2011, I held ten Teaching Assistantships spanning six courses. I worked with 9 Instructors and 1,079 students as a Teaching Assistant. In addition to gaining experience in marking assignments and exams, I had opportunities to teach formally (lecture/facilitate) and informally (office hours). Three of the courses I was involved with as a TA are described below. To read about the other courses I have been involved in, please consult the pages which detail my experiences with EOSC 516 and EOSC 372/373.

EOSC 314: The Ocean Environment (144 students) 
Instructors: Maite Maldonado and Philippe Tortell
This course is designed for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts, to fulfill their science credit requirement. My TA tasks consisted of marking tests, assignments, and the final creative project. This project allowed students to express content in a variety of ways: poetry, video, painting, or the most popular option: a research paper. Marking these assignments was a challenge, but definitely a fun one. I was able to see oceanography in all forms, and was able to grade it with the help of a rubric that had been given to both the students and myself.

EOSC 371: Introduction to Biological and Geological Oceanography
Instructors: Sara Harris and Maite Maldonado
My primary responsibility for this course consisted of marking student assignments, tests, and the final exam. I graded both qualitative and quantitative questions, again with the help of detailed rubric.

EOSC 270: Marine Ecosystems
Instructor: Bernardita Germano
My responsibilities for this course consisted of marking student assignments and exams, as well as accompanying students on the field trip for one of their major assignments. My tasks for the trip were to ensure safe arrival to the site and to facilitate sharing of plant and animal identification books. I had an enjoyable time exploring the beach with the students and helping guide them in identifying organisms. As I had never done a task like this before, we really were “in it together”, discovering the answers as a team – this type of active learning is something I think is an extremely valuable learning experience for both educators and students.