EOSC 372/373

372: Introductory Oceanography – Circulation and Plankton
373: Introductory Oceanography – Climate and Ecosystems
Instructors: Susan Allen, Roger Francois, Erin Lane, Maite Maldonado, and Kristin Orians

I held 4 TA positions for these two undergraduate courses, which corresponded to the first two years that 372/373 was offered. Each course is Instructed by three faculty: one scholar from each of biological, chemical, and physical oceanography. Having studied biological oceanography, I was responsible for the material taught under this umbrella.

September – December 2009: EOSC 372 (189 students)
January – April 2010: EOSC 373 (98 students)
January – April 2011: EOSC 373 (131 students)
For all three of these semesters, my primary responsibilities included grading tests and the final exam, proofreading lectures, tests, and the final exam, attending biological oceanography lectures, and hosting office hours during weeks that biological oceanography material was covered.
These courses hire at least three TAs for each semester. Due to this, I gained valuable experience in team collaboration, such as marking consistently, and ensuring that all lectures and office hours were covered by somebody on the TA team. In attending lectures I have also gained teaching tips, and refreshed my general oceanography knowledge!

September – December 2010: EOSC 372 (239 students)
During this semester, my TA responsibilities were the same as listed above, with one very notable exception. I had made a personal commitment to attend all lectures beyond those I was assigned to attend, so that I could sharpen my basic oceanography knowledge. Because I was so familiar with what was being covered in the class, it opened up this amazing opportunity to teach my first “real” lecture. I was invited to give a 50-minute guest lecture, which I used as an opportunity to obtain feedback on my teaching style from all the course Instructors and a fellow TA. I wrote a reflection on this experience, which can be read here.