Professional Development

In order to continue my engagement with the world of teaching and learning, I regularly attend Professional Development workshops both on and off University campus. I enjoy the opportunities to exchange ideas with and learn from other passionate educators. Please see a selection of these workshops, below. A full listing of all my professional development endeavours can be seen on my CV, which you can connect to from here.

The Inclusive Class – Diverse Learners in Your Classroom – Facilitated by Emily Moore and Amy Perreault – February 16, 2011, 1-3PM – Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, The University of British Columbia
To address increasing diversity among learners, this workshop lead a discussion concerning the efforts made in higher education to facilitate appropriate cross-cultural communication. As an aspiring all-inclusive educator, I appreciated the workshop’s activities and resources that have provided me with a starting point from which to explore challenging and sensitive classroom issues.

WordPress Basics II – The Deep End – Facilitated by Lucas Wright, Zack Lee and Emily Renoe – January 19, 2011, 10AM-12PM – Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, The University of British Columbia
This workshop leads the participants through the advanced features of, a user-friendly blog platform. Both this workshop and its prerequisite, WordPress Basics I, provided me with the skills to develop my teaching e-portfolio as well as my UBC blog, which I use a reflection tool in navigating my experiences and responsibilities in teaching, volunteering, and scholarly activities. In addition, I am interested in incorporating blogging technology into a course to increase interactive opportunities for students, and this workshop has given me the tools to implement this for future teaching opportunities.

Instructional Skills Workshop Fall Institute – Organized and Facilitated by Brett Gilley, Janice Johnson, Alice MacPherson, Joseph Topornycky, and Roselynn Verwoord – November 26-28, 2010 – Instructional Skills Workshop Network, Bowen Lodge on Bowen Island
This annual retreat connects new and veteran facilitators from universities and colleges in Western Canada. In addition to celebrating individual successes in facilitation, the group revisits the various implementations of the ISW model and shares effective facilitating tools. Having attended the workshop both in 2009 and 2010, I found the opportunities for reflection and to exchange ideas with veteran and new facilitators to be very rewarding.

Transgender Competency Training – QMUNITYOctober 4, 2010, 6-7:30PM – Vancouver Aquarium
This training was offered with the objective to develop Volunteers’ understanding about transgender issues that affect visitors, volunteers and staff. I found this session very beneficial as it clarified some questions I had about appropriate language use and provided me with a glimpse into the experiences of transgendered people. I believe that this workshop has allowed me to act more inclusively towards others, in both casual and professional settings.

Peer Coaching Training – Facilitated by Desi Mou – January 22, 2010, 10AM-2:30PM – Teaching and Academic Growth, The University of British Columbia
This workshop described and provided the opportunity for the participants to practice the skill of Peer Coaching. Trained Peer Coaches provide guidance and support to those seeking help with various teaching challenges. I found this workshop particularly inspiring as it describe the seemingly-simple art of helping others find the answers within themselves; it opened me up to exploring effective questioning techniques and also gave me more confidence in trusting my own choices.

Facilitation Development Workshop – Trained by Sara Braid, Russell Day, Linda Edmond, Janice Johnson, Ron Johnson, Alice MacPherson, Darlene Redenbach. Elaine Walker – June 22-26, 2009 – ISW International Advisory Committee, British Columbia Institute of Technology
This workshop certifies participants to organize and facilitate Instructional Skills Workshops. Similar to the ISW, participants give three practice lessons to fine-tune their teaching skills, but focus on facilitating their peers’ practice lessons. Feedback and methods are emphasized as before; these sessions focus more on managing groups and building the facilitator’s toolbox.

Instructional Skills Workshop – Facilitated by Heidi Ravenel and Vilte Barakauskas – June 5-7, 2009 – Teaching and Academic Growth, The University of British Columbia
The ISW provides new and veteran educators with the opportunity to develop their teaching skills. Each participant teaches three short lessons and obtains valuable feedback from their peers. The workshop also focuses on providing educators with teaching methods that can be implemented in the classroom. As a new Teaching Assistant, this workshop gave me the confidence to use a variety of tools in the classroom such as learning objectives, think-pair-share, learning styles, and icebreakers, which I have found to work very effectively.