STLHE 2010 Poster Presentation

Using Experiential Learning to Develop Teaching (and Learning) Skills: Training Graduate Students to Teach Earth and Ocean Sciences

Taylor, R. L., Gilley, B. H. – Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2010: Creative Teaching and Learning, June 23-26, 2010

As EOSC 516 ended in 2009, I felt the desire to share this very successful course with a larger community involved with teaching and learning. It was with this objective in mind that I approached Brett Gilley, the Instructor of EOSC 516, with the idea to create a poster about the course and present it at two conferences in June of 2010. With Brett’s guidance, data, and editorial help, I successfully applied to the STLHE 2010: Creative Teaching and Learning conference. The poster presentation was a great success in that I was able to meet and discuss ideas with professionals at Canadian and International institutions; in addition, I offered to share our resources with these new colleagues, and received ten requests during the course of my poster session. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to make connections within the teaching and learning community in Canada and beyond, and to exchange ideas and approaches to provide teaching training to our teaching assistants – our future scholars and university educators.

To view this poster, follow this link.