Guest Lecture for EOSC 372

Macronutrient Control of Primary Productivity

November 22, 2010 – For EOSC 372: Introductory Oceanography – Circulation and Plankton

I was given the opportunity to give a guest lecture for EOSC 372, a course I was TAing at the time and had been regularly attending for my own benefit (beyond the classes I was assigned to attend). The prospect of teaching this class was nerve-wracking as it was my first large lecture, but a challenge I was thankful to be trusted with. I was given the PowerPoint file from the previous year and encouraged to make the lecture my own. I worked hard and sought feedback on my lecture layout well before the lecture date. Following the lecture, I requested feedback from the Instructors and a fellow TA on my teaching performance. In addition to receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, I also learned a great deal about my teaching style: instances I found challenging, and what I found easier.

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