Teaching & Facilitating

My experiences in teaching and facilitating have constituted some of the most rewarding moments of my career. Since participating in a TA training course (EOSC 516) during the first semester of my M.Sc, I have been hooked on the education side of higher education, and have regularly sought out opportunities to teach and facilitate in different academic and community environments. I consider myself lucky; having had opportunities to both teach and facilitate early on in my development, I have experienced first-hand that though these practices are by no means synonymous, each practice absolutely benefits from possessing the skills of the other. In addition to expanding my professional aptitudes, I have found that the skills I have obtained in developing my teaching and facilitating practices have enriched my everyday life as well.

I welcome you to navigate the pages linked below to view the activities and university-level courses I have been involved with as a teacher and facilitator, the professional contributions and projects I have undertaken in my spare time, and my commitment to professional development.

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