Artifacts: Posters for STLHE & PATH 2010 Conferences

This week marked the dates for the (recently rescheduled) Navigating Your PATH (PATH) and Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) conferences. Both conferences were planned to take place in Toronto, Ontario. I attended STLHE representing EOSC 516, having prepared a different (but similar) poster for each conference.

I was very excited for both conferences, with a unique type of enthusiasm for the PATH conference. Navigating Your PATH: Exploring and Supporting Teaching Assistant and Graduate Student Development is a conference for Graduate Students run by Graduate Students. It explores four themes: Professional Skills, Academic Research, Teaching Competence, and Holistic Development (PATH!). I was very excited to engage with and relate to this group of people. Unfortunately, due to the swift planning of the G8 summit, the PATH conference was cancelled one month ago; the site of the conference would have been in the same area as the designated protesting space. The rescheduled dates have not been announced as of yet.

Conference poster for Navigating Your PATH. Click on the image to enlarge and read.

The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Creative Teaching and Learning: Exploring.Shaping.Knowing. conference was excellent. This was my first time attending a STLHE conference and I found it very inspiring. It was great to witness the pedagogical ideas coming out in higher education. In addition, I made connections with some really wonderful people, both during the conference sessions and the poster session. While I presented my poster, I had conversations with professionals working in various Canadian Universities that are also offering TA training programs for their graduate students. It was very interesting to see all the permutations of these programs, and I was able to offer some of EOSC 516’s resources to the people I spoke with.

Conference poster for STLHE. Click on the image to enlarge and read.


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